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Design and plan my room
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Need help planning the total look and layout of your room ? Are you just not happy with the way a room is working or need help planning out all the inspirational images you have pinned in a practical way that fits in the space and within your budget ?

This package covers the design and layout of the space according to your criteria. It includes a selection of furniture that both fits the space and matches what you already have and color suggestions for a space that expresses your personal taste. We can design your room together so it works both aesthetically and functionally.

- How it works -
I will ask you to send me pictures and measurements of the room you would like me to design and will ask some questions regarding the project, the budget you have available (can be big or small), the furniture pieces that you want to keep/replace, what bothers you about the current layout/design and what you would like to use the space for. You are welcome to share images of interiors you really like so I can base myself on that, but you can leave me free in the design process as well if you prefer. The more specific you are, the more specific I can be in my designs.

After gathering some first infos on the room, challenges you want to overcome and the style you like, I will have a look at your space and we will have a call (or email conversation, up to your preference) to start planning your room together. I can share the first ideas and I will gather some first input on the direction of the project.

I will then start the design process and you will receive a personalised pdf document with a visualisation of the different areas in the room, a floor-and layout plan, color direction and a list of products you can use to go ahead and carry out the design of your room.

- What you will get -
A mockup of the different areas in your redesigned room, a floor-and layout plan of the room, a list of products (this can be accessories or larger furniture pieces) that fit within your budget, general color advice according to taste and my personal suggestions and recommendations to design your room.

- Availability -
I will do every project personally and availability highly depends on how booked I am at the moment. If you see that a service is sold out, feel free to email me when the next one will be available.

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